In the Internet hosting world, overselling means advertising benefits that a client pays for, but can’t really get. Some of the options of a given hosting plan can fall under this category - HDD storage, traffic, database storage space, and many others. A package could come with unlimited disk space, for example, however the vast majority of hosting suppliers create accounts on a single server which can have a limited number of hard drives and considering that all customers upload content, there will be no space left on the server at some point or there'll be some secret quotas so as to ensure that every single customer has their share, though everybody has paid for limitless space. As most internet hosting Control Panels are designed to work on a single server, many providers don't have any choice but to oversell, which is nothing else but deceiving their clients.
No Overselling in Cloud Web Hosting
Overselling is not a thing we do and we have no reason to do such a thing because our cutting-edge cloud platform allows us to provide all of the characteristics that we offer as part of our cloud web hosting packages. Each and every part of the service such as the file and database storage, emails, and so on, is taken care of by its separate cluster of servers, which gives us more adaptability and scalability as compared to all web hosting service providers that work with Control Panels designed to perform on just a single machine. We employ our in-house built Hepsia software tool, which has been designed to work in the cloud and considering the fact that we can easily add more hard disks or servers to any cluster that needs them at any time, we just have no reason to oversell. If you subscribe for one of our plans, you'll really receive all resources which you've paid for.
No Overselling in Semi-dedicated Hosting
We do not oversell not only because we do not believe in these practices, but also because we can actually provide all attributes that come with our semi-dedicated hosting packages, including the unlimited ones. This can be done because of our excellent custom-built cluster platform that will allow you to utilize more resources than any other company can afford to offer with this kind of web hosting. While the majority of of our competitors run everything on just a single server and their Control Panels are designed to work in such a way, we have separate clusters for the file storage, email addresses, databases, etc, and our Hepsia Control Panel was built to work on such a setup. Our semi-dedicated packages come with a lot of unlimited features because we can expand any of our clusters by including more machines, so the features we offer are truly unlimited and you will not end up spending money on something that you cannot really use.